Got info to post? Fax it: 509 691-8405

March 12, 2007

March 11th, 2007

Now remember folks you can copy any of this info and repost it elsewhere, and if you have any new info that should be put online you can fax it to:  509 691-8405 and we will see about getting it up.  How about some Corp HQ Tel #’s or various other items you might come up with!

If you don’t see something you like just keep scrolling down and sooner or later you will find an item you want to read.

Remember the First Amendment isn’t dead just yet, even if Kerry and Tarbutt would like it to be, so let’s keep the blogs alive out there in internet land.

If you post online you are a Journalist/Blogger and get the same rights as Huntley & Brinkley (OK you don’t have to be dead, but you get the drift, right???).

Eventually the Supremes will end up deciding if ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘press’ outweigh out of date and out of touch with reality copyright laws.

You can forget about ‘trade secret protection’ that went out with the baby and the bathwater when Tarbutt passed out copies of the Directives down to the level of door guard (sorry Scott, I mean TPS’s) and didn’t bother to get them back when the employee left.



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