Target HQ is beating the bushes looking for the Doe Gang!

March 22, 2007

On Friday March 30th, Kerry L. Bundy is having a birthday, she was born in 1971 so you do the math.  Happy Birthday Dear!  BTW:  Target HQ and Kerry are out there beating the bushes to find/serve John Doe.  They are combing the internet search engines for ‘clues’ to finding the pesky Mr./Mrs Doe.  Here are some of the enteries into google and other search engines that Target is using this past week:
Misc Search Views:
reverse discrimination target corporation
AP directives
target ap directives
targetsucks headquarters 
Minneapolis, MN 55402
“target employee” direct deposit 

Today Search Views:
target lawsuit bundy 
target kerry bundy service
target lawsuit bundy 

Yesterday Search Views:
target “ap mission”
2007-03-19 Search Views:
Target corporation safety procedures 
Target stores loss prevention complaints 

2007-03-18 Search Views:
target disgruntled employee 
target sucks forum
employee complaints against target store



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