June 25, 2008

Target Sucks!

Remember: Target Sucks!

This wordpress blog was put up as a secondary Target Sucks site in case the original blog was removed – which hasn’t happened in the nearly 2 years it has been up and running.  Several other blogs were actually removed due to threatening Tarbutt letters to the blog or site operators.  I keep this site: up to date with posts and I do notice a lot of people on wordpress clicking on this and other direct links to my sites, particularly those from GCCC (who account for 15% of my hits).  It might be easier for you to just bookmark the and go there directly.



One Response to “”

  1. target does suck…. Ive been employed there for 2 years and i have never seen a worse company. They auctually give out 7 cents to almost every good working employee there, every year. 7 cents and tell every team member thats how it is at every retail job because of the economy. Because there puplic relations are so good they keep almost everything away from the puplic. Liars they are and i would rather work at wal mart. Now thats saying alot.

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