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April 29, 2009

Tarbutt C.S.I.

Tarbutt C.S.I.

This blog and others was set up some years ago when it seemed that Tarbutt ‘might’ prevail in shutting down my major site at:, they did have some initial victories in getting my posts about the Target AP Directives removed from several message boards and even some banned my screen name. During that period I was busy with putting up sites like this so that in the event I lost the court case regarding that blog, that at least some sites with the info would continue.

This and other blogs are now secondary sites and not kept up to date as this site, so you might want to go to the other site as it remains open for business, the civil suit was tossed out of Federal court in Atlanta July 2008.


2 Responses to “Also look at:”

  1. 2dreamit Says:

    I’m frustrated with Target at the moment and this seems like a fairly appropriate place to vent, so here goes.

    I used to love Target, but no more. I tried to buy $700 worth of patio furniture, only to discover that the shipping costs would be more than $170! That is egregious.

    I went to 3 different stores (finally discovered the items could only be purchased online, and any shipping discounts could NOT be applied for these items!), called customer service, spoke to supervisors in guest services (where they are not even allowed to give out their last names!) and even wrote a letter to the CEO. I made what I thought was a very reasonable suggestion — send the furniture to any Target store in the area and I’d go pick it up. I was told, “Our infrastructure doesn’t support that.”

    Well, MY infrastructure no longer supports shopping at Target!

    I’ll also be returning the $300 worth of furniture I’ve already purchased in the store because the matching items I want to buy for $700 are only carried online. Great way to run a business, Target.


    • Target Sucks Says:

      I have never used their online system, but I did get a major run around on the purchase of a display desk from a store. Today I know that these items are NOT to be sold once they have been put together and bolted to a shelf. But 2 yrs ago I was simply at the point of asking the clerks in the department if the items could be purchased and the answer from them was Yes, if they are discontinued. I wanted a desk that was shown as ‘clearance’ on the floor and got a major run around, ended up going to 4 stores, always getting different answers and finally a TL gave me what i believe is the correct corporate answer. They junk them! The prior answers I was getting were all over the place: Yes they could be sold, No they could not, that they were given away to a local charity. This just goes to show that there is a major disconnect between what the people working on the floor are told and what the ‘official’ answer is, in the meantime the customers are just S.O.L.

      That is why I say TARGET SUCKS. Also take a look at:

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