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Assets Protection Mission Statement:

To enhance profitability, the guest experience, and our reputation by minimizing loss and business disruptions and providing secure environments.

Tarbutt C.S.I.

Tarbutt C.S.I.

This blog and others was set up some years ago when it seemed that Tarbutt ‘might’ prevail in shutting down my major site at:, they did have some initial victories in getting my posts about the Target AP Directives removed from several message boards and even some banned my screen name. During that period I was busy with putting up sites like this so that in the event I lost the court case regarding that blog, that at least some sites with the info would continue.

This and other blogs are now secondary sites and not kept up to date as this site, so you might want to go to the other site as it remains open for business, the civil suit was tossed out of Federal court in Atlanta July 2008.



C. Five Steps for Apprehension 

Certified AP team members must observe all five steps prior to making a shoplifter apprehension.

NOTE: If local law enforcement takes independent action and makes an apprehension before all five steps are met, the details must be documented in the CIRS report.
1. Initiation of Observation – The subject must enter the store/area without possession of Target merchandise.

2. Selection – The subject must be observed selecting Target merchandise from the display location.
3. Concealment – The subject must be observed concealing the merchandise, or the AP team member must have NO reasonable doubt based on observations that the merchandise has been concealed by the subject.
NOTE: If the merchandise is not actually concealed, it must be exposed as the subject exits or attempts to exit the store.
4. Maintain Observation – The AP team member must maintain sufficient surveillance of the subject in order to know the location of the merchandise and ensure the subject does not discard the merchandise.
NOTE: A Productive Merchandise Recovery (PMR) shall be attempted if surveillance is broken for any reason, or the AP team member can not maintain sufficient surveillance. (See PMR Directive)
5. Failure to Pay for Merchandise/Exiting the Store -AP team member(s) must observe the subject attempt to exit the store without paying for the merchandise.


NOTE: Some jurisdictions allow variances from the exiting requirement to allow apprehensions of concealed merchandise before an individual reaches the building’s exit. In these cases, the requirements must be documented and approved by the Director or Vice President of Assets Protection using the “Variance from Exiting Form” (found on the AP Zone).


D. Restroom / Fitting Room


Apprehensions AP team members are not allowed to conduct surveillance or make apprehensions in restroom and/or fitting rooms.
1. AP team members are not allowed to follow subject’s into a restroom or fitting room to conduct surveillance.
2. AP team members shall not ask another team member to enter a fitting room or restroom to conduct surveillance.

B. Searches of Private Residence or Motor Vehicles

1. AP team members will NOT participate in a search of a private residence or motor vehicle.


1. Fleeing Shoplifter

a. If a shoplifter attempts to flee after being confronted, do not give chase in any manner (running, driving, etc.).

b. Store based AP team members shall not use any vehicle to follow or pursue a subject for any reason.
c. AP team members shall not encourage, condone, suggest or ask another Target team member or anyone else to chase a fleeing shoplifter.
2. AP shall refer for prosecution all individuals apprehended for retail theft when the value of the merchandise is $20.00 or greater and the case meets local prosecution requirements.

NOTE: If a case meets/exceeds the $20.00 referral guideline, but is NOT referred, the reason for non-referral must be included in the CIRS narrative. (Example: Local jurisdiction limits require merchandise in excess of $75.00 in order for prosecution.)

3. A team member witness, of the same gender of the suspected shoplifter , must be present in the room at all times during the detention.



A. Photographing Shoplifters

1. Adult shoplifters – AP shall photograph all adult shoplifters unless prohibited by local statutes or ordinances.
2. Team Member Shoplifters – AP will not photograph any team member apprehended for shoplifting during working or non-working hours.

3. Juvenile Shoplifters – AP will not photograph any juveniles apprehended for shoplifting, unless required by local statutes or ordinances.

Therrien v. Target Corporation

On Feb 19th the case that has bounced around since approx 3/06 was resolved with a verdict against the Target Corporation for $500,000 (+15K in costs). You might recall that last year it was dismissed after Target put on its case and before Therrien’s case could be presented. The matter was appealed on the basis that the Federal Judge James Payne had not considered the new changes to Oklahoma statutes and had thur ruled incorrectly. So the case was retired with the result that Target lost. (of course they also can appeal)

 Briefly  “Plaintiff claims damages for injuries suffered as an invitee upon Defendant’s premises as the result of a criminal assault.”  Translation: a good samaritan came to assist a Tarbutt screwup security weenie who was having a problem arresting a shoplifter, and had called out for help from anyone, the helpful customer (Timothy Therrien) ended up knifed and as usual this screwed up company wouldn’t compensate the man for his serious injuries. The moral of this story is: TARGET SUCKS .

It was a lot of work for Therrien for a rather low award, but it is nice to finally see that he was the winner in this. You might be interested in knowing that the Target AP Directives were used against Target (I sent them a copy) and also a lot of other AP information was obtained and entered.


Details can be found at: but it is now gone after 23 months.


(Well I did say ‘may’!)